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The decorations were very much like what we talked. I am soo glad we picked eventforless as we didnt have to bother much. Will definitely recommend you for any of our next friends events. Thanks a lot for being transparent and helping us out anywhere needed.


Sri Vani, Thank you for doing the decoration for this event. It was such a pleasure working with you and getting to know you! You went above and beyond with the decorations and were able to create exactly what I had imagined!


Vani, You did a great job! We were very happy with the decorations, your attention to details and the extras you provided (wall hanging and flower bouquet). You are professional and talented. Best wishes for continued success.


Event for less did an outstanding job with decorations even on short notice. They are very organized, punctual and cooperative. Wish the whole team great success and highly recommend them.


The decor was fablous. Thank you so much for making the event look so so so lovely. I really recommend event for less. I wish i could share some pictures iver here. Once again thank you so much Event for less.


Even it was a short notice you have done a excellent job . It was simple and elegant back drop for the occasion, Exactly what i expected. Thanks for the memories and help . I recommend her for all the occasions.


Srivani did an excellent job in decorating the backdrop for our daughter half saree function. 100% satisfied with the workmanship and as wonderful customer skills. We recommend them.

Latha Maturi

At first I was a bit hesitant and worried about how it will turn out. But these guys did a wonderful job and making the mandap look so beautiful and the wedding turned out to be more elegant. The color combination was good. Garlands made by Srivani were perfect for the occasion - no complaints. Good job. Will recommend them to someone.

Nidhi Sura

Srivani did a fantastic birthday decoration work for my Daughter's 1st birthday. Everyone liked it. She is very professional and I recommend her for any kind of Event decorations.


SriVani did excellent job for our event Srinivas's Kalyanam Decarations at SV Temple Novi We are happy the way she organized the event successful She is hardworking and hoping successful in her carrier.

Mohan R Movva

Uncover Must-Have Gear for E-Unicycle Enthusiasts Must-have add-ons for e-unicycle enthusiasts improve safety, performance, and convenience. A high-quality helmet is the most vital accessory. Choose a helmet that fits well and delivers robust protection, notably full-face helmets for high-speed commuting. Wrist guards and gloves are vital for protecting your hands and wrists during falls. They also enhance grip and control. Knee and elbow pads protect joints from injuries and abrasions, delivering additional safety. Reflective gear, such as vests and bands, boosts visibility during night trips, securing other road users can see you. A good lighting system is vital. Bright LED headlights and taillights enhance visibility in low-light conditions, improving safety. Look into investing in a multi-tool kit for on-the-go repairs. This kit should comprise wrenches, screwdrivers, and other necessary tools for quick fixes. Portable chargers are convenient for extending your journey time. Seek compact and fast-charging choices that are easy to carry. Bluetooth speakers can boost your cycling trip by enabling you to listen to music or obtain navigation instructions without using headphones. Lastly, a sturdy carrying bag or case protects your one-wheeled vehicle during transport and storage. These accessories not only enhance your cycling experience but also ensure safety and convenience on every journey. Gotway Begode Master Model Stabilizing on One Leg with an Battery-Powered 9adabdf


Hey people!!!!! Good mood and good luck to everyone!!!!!


Hey people!!!!! Good mood and good luck to everyone!!!!!


‘I see the world around me in a brand-new way’: Dubai photographer reveals the UAE’s hidden wildlife блэк СЃРїСЂСѓС‚ onion In a country best known for its soaring skyscrapers, modern architecture and sprawling desert, wildlife isn’t always what comes to mind when people think of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). But Dubai-based photographer Anish Karingattil is determined to change that. Originally from India, Karingattil moved to Dubai 17 years ago and began photographing wildlife shortly after, specializing in macro photography, using extreme close ups. Highlights of his stunning portfolio of images, taken across the seven Emirates, include a scorpion with her babies, an Arabian horned viper hiding in the desert sand, and two black and yellow mud daubers covered in dew drops. https://bs2shops.com блэк СЃРїСЂСѓС‚ официальный сайт “Photographers get to tell a story through images,” Karingattil says. “Macro photography allows me to see life and the world around me in a brand-new way.” Despite its hot climate and harsh desert, the UAE is home to over 1,000 plant and animal species. The waters around the country are home to the largest concentration of Indian Ocean humpbacks dolphin in the world, and the second-largest population of dugongs, after Australia. With the UAE’s president recently extending the country’s “Year of Sustainability” into 2024, Karingattil uses wildlife photography as a method of capturing the country’s biodiversity and sharing it with others. While interior design is his full-time job, “herping” is his passion. “Herping is the act of observing, studying, and photographing reptiles and amphibians in their natural habitats,” says Karingattil. “It is a popular hobby among nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers who are fascinated by the diversity and beauty of these creatures.”


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Expert Roofing Businesses Who Specialize in Coastal Coverings Shoreline regions display some of the world's most beautiful properties, though these conditions and exposure to moisture can have negative consequences upon tops, such as oxidation, dampness accumulation, as well as storm harm. For protecting their properties from these dangers, property owners frequently depend on skilled covering businesses who specialize at seaside coverings with those particular challenges thought of and assist homeowners in selecting supplies, styles and end products which provide greater safeguard against weather. Property owners seeking a roof supplier should verify they pick a supplier with a excellent history also pleased patrons, and who hold licenses with insurance against employee payment also responsibility claims. Moreover, these professionals ought to have ample skill also experience to conduct a thorough inspection and suggest any necessary repairs, as well as providing exact quotes including charges or further expenses related to the task. Reliable covering specialists offer homeowners with written quotes that clearly list the extent and costs associated with the work, like materials necessary and costs. Moreover, they ought to offer a minimum of thirty-year craftsmanship assurances and also be accessible for answering any questions that come up through this procedure. While the best roofing providers are transparent and upfront with the patrons, they ought to never pushy when making selections. Ahead of making a last decision they must spend time to explain all aspects of a project and answer any queries from clients prior to coming up with the response. In the same way they ought to collaborate within clients' schedules to make sure completion on schedule. A trustworthy covering provider must have solid relationships with regional suppliers and hold a comprehensive awareness of regional resources accessible for purchase, making them best equipped to recommend items that fit the nearby climate and can be bought at a reasonable rate. They ought to be aware informed of any warranties or assurances offered by makers for helping maximize homeowners' enhance their roof worth. Trustworthy roofing providers employ sophisticated CRM tools for improving internal processes and boosting patron contentment. Such software offers live financial monitoring and reporting features, enabling contractors to oversee on income, costs and profitability more easily while improving project management skills for making better business decisions - with greater efficiency, enhanced profitability, and improved sustainability in mind. [url=https://portcityexteriors.com/roofing-wilmington-nc/]Premium roofing solutions by Southport NC[/url] [url=https://myday-yourday.net/post-131-131#comment-4370]Prolonging Roofing Durability with Defensive Coatings[/url] 59adabd


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Sveiki, es gribēju zināt savu cenu.


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Ведущий праздников - это человек, который ответственен за организацию и проведение праздничных мероприятий, таких как корпоративные вечера, частные праздники, свадьбы, дни рождения и т.д. Ведущий праздников обычно является лицом, которое обеспечивает развлекательную программу, общается с гостями, контролирует ход мероприятия и создает праздничную атмосферу. Обычно, ведущий праздниковantwort за следующиеaspectы праздника: 1. Разработка сценария мероприятия и координация его выполнения. 2. Развлекательная программа: выбор артистов, музыки, игр и других мероприятий. 3. Организация и проведение конкурсов, игр и других конкурсных мероприятий. 4. Управление временем и расписанием мероприятия. 5. Общение с гостями, отвечая на их вопросы и обеспечивая их комфорт. 6. Координация с техническим персоналом,such as sound engineers, lighting technicians, and other event staff. 7. Решение нештатных ситуаций и кризисных ситуаций, которые могут возникнуть в ходе мероприятия. Ведущий праздников harus быть харизматичным, иметь грамотную речь и навыки общения, бытьorganizovanny и уметь работать под давлением времени. заказть можно организатора у нас Лучший ведущий СПб время работы с 8.00 до 19.00 званите будем рады вам помочь 123


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